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5 star reviews EMON KOMEILY.png

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5 star reviews EMON KOMEILY.png

Tran Family - Buyer

Emon assisted us in purchasing a house in San Ramon, and we cannot recommend him highly enough. He is extremely efficient, responsive, very honest and transparent. He was very knowledgeable in the home search stage, taking us to see homes which suited exactly our criteria. Once we found a house to buy, Emon assisted us in the negotiations stage efficiently, and excelled at managing the entire purchase process. Buying a house is stressful enough, what added to the stress more was that we were buying from the UK. Emon helped us find a broker who could assist in our special situation, and chased the various parties involved so promptly, and we managed to close escrow right on time, which is almost a miracle. Not only is Emon efficient, he really cared about his clients. He wanted the best for us, and even after the escrow closed, he helped to pick up keys for us, check out various things in the house as we were still in the UK. Emon is an outstanding realtor, we are lucky to have found him to help us buy our house.

5 star reviews EMON KOMEILY.png

Freddie Y - Buyer

Thanks for representing us in the buying transaction of the property. It was a difficult transaction but your persistence in driving the process paid off at the end. There were a few times I thought the transaction was going to fall through but your positive attitude and tireless professionalism saved the day. Your help in driving the loan process was also remarkable, I was amazed that we actually got the loan funded on time; we faced so many obstacles during the underwriting but your recommendation to keep pressing on worked. All in all,your professionalism, positive attitude and effective communication carried the process to a perfect completion. Your great work is much appreciated.

5 star reviews EMON KOMEILY.png

Lynn M - Buyer

When we first met Emon at one of his open houses, my husband and I were immediately impressed with his professionalism and his attention to our long-term intention to purchase a single story home. We told Emon a very specific area of Danville that we were interested in looking, and provided him with equally specific details about size and price. We also told him that we were in no rush, as we currently owned a very lovely home in San Ramon. For more than a year Emon sent us links to homes that went on sale in the area we desired and on occasion, met us to show us the homes. He never gave up! By far, he was a most conscientious and diligent agent without any pressure at any time. We finally saw a home that worked for us and Emon was outstanding with the negotiations. He worked directly with the listing agent and supported us until the house closed. We love our new home and we credit Emon for making it happen. He is an outstanding real estate agent that truly goes the "extra-mile". We highly recommend him as the most superior agent without any reservations. Thank you are the best!

5 star reviews EMON KOMEILY.png

Kent H - Buyer

Emon was fantastic to work with. He worked tirelessly to make sure my every need was met. When it came time to negotiate, he was a pit-bull. He always made himself available whenever I called. I keep crazy hours and he never failed to respond within minutes. He calmed me when I was frustrated, and reassured me when I was sure I would never get a home in this crazy housing market. Emon was also not afraid to tell me when he thought the home was overvalued. There are all kinds of shady characters in the housing market and he had a good sense when the other party was trying to take advantage. I can't recommend this person more highly. I only wish I could get other service providers in my life to work as hard and care as much.

5 star reviews EMON KOMEILY.png

Ahmad R - Buyer

I would like to share my recent home buying experience working with Mr. Emon Komeily. From my first contact with Emon, through the close of escrow, Emon was genuinely interested, and involved in every aspect of the transaction. He initially took the time to learn about our real estate needs, preferences, limits, and other relevant factors such as local traffic, commuting to work, etc. His expertise in real estate and knowledge of the market, in addition to his savvy negotiation skills made our recent home buying experience a positive experience. Emon showed a genuine interest and commitment to meet our needs and expectations. His patience, and timely follow ups, open, honest and frank communication, and adjusting to the last minute changes are only a few of Emon's superb qualities. With Emon's help, we were able to identify the property, make on offer, and close escrow in less that 28 days! I will use Emon's professional real estate expertise in the future without hesitation, and would recommend him to my family and friends.

5 star reviews EMON KOMEILY.png

Robert R - Buyer

Firstly, I have bought and sold several properties in the past and I can state without hesitation that Emon is the most professional and helpful real estate agent I have ever worked with. Our home-hunting process was one that lasted nearly a year and that covered a broad swath of the bay area. Emon was thorough in his research, positive and patient during the whole time, never putting anything but my interests first. Finally, the right situation arose, as those things always do when one perseveres, and I now have a wonderful home that meets or exceeds all of my criteria. In addition, Emon has provided a wealth of information and advice along the way that has helped save me money up front and down the line in such areas as design, repairs, landscaping, hiring contractors, etc. In short, you can find no better partner than Emon in fulfilling your real estate dreams.

5 star reviews EMON KOMEILY.png

Vidya I - Buyer / Seller

We engaged Emon to help us buy a new home and then to sell our existing home. In both the instances, Emon did his market research thoroughly and presented us with options for pricing and listing. He is detail oriented and keeps you well informed of updates. He also makes sure that all the paperwork and steps in the process are completed accurately and in a timely manner. I mostly appreciate his persistence and follow through with the opposite party and ensure that we deliver on agreements. With much appreciation for all that you did for us.

5 star reviews EMON KOMEILY.png

Jesse A - Buyer

Emon Komeily was easy to work with. We were very particular in our search for the perfect home, and Emon was both patient and helpful in providing guidance. He periodically gave advice and perspective, without being offensive or overstepping boundaries. He's a PHENOMENAL negotiator. We feel great about about our final purchase price (which was below ask) - and wouldn't have gotten it without his transparency, wisdom, and strategy. We highly recommend Emon if you're a buyer, looking for a good agent.

5 star reviews EMON KOMEILY.png

Ali S - Buyer

I recently purchased a home in Alamo and Emon Komeily did a superb job in every aspect of my purchase. His local knowledge of the areas where I was interested, was extremely valuable and he explained very well the trend in the market and the local areas. Emon was able to find the perfect home for me that met all my criteria (and I am very peculiar about my requirements). He did an excellent job in lining up all the inspectors to inspect the home thoroughly ensuring we don't miss anything. When there was any ambiquity, he arranged for a second inspection to be done. Finally, last but not least, he negotiated an excellent price for me that was better than what I expected. He is very professional, cordial, and detailed oriented and I very highly recommend him.

5 star reviews EMON KOMEILY.png

Matthew R - Investor

As a homeowner and construction developer with 30 years of experience, I highly recommend Emon, He is one of the most respectful, clever negotiator, and responsive people we have worked with in a very long time. He assisted us to buy three properties since 2018, and been extremely happy with the results. He is perfect at market researching, once you ask his opinion about a particular property the first thing he responds is, let me do my homework first, always providing grateful information. His transparency and coordination with buyers and sellers until closing the Escrow presents peace of mind for both sides of families. He made him available at any time when we were concerned about anything, and did not leave us until solved the issue properly. His relationships, communications, closely working with individuals who are relevant working in the housing industry such as other realtors, contractors, builders, engineers, and escrow companies have been extremely resourceful & the main key to our success.

5 star reviews EMON KOMEILY.png

Spencer B - Seller

Emon Komeily was excellent to work with yet again. We previously used Emon to purchase the upleg property of our reverse 1031 exchange. That transaction required a lot of negotiation and management which was expertly handled by Emon. When it came time to sell our relinquished property, there was no question that Emon was the agent for us. We were able to get our property on the market and hold one weekend of Open Houses before Covid-19 stopped all in-person Real Estate interactions. Thankfully, due to Emon's marketing efforts, we had a great turnout and obtained 3 Above Ask offers the following week. Emon went thru each offer with us and we were able to negotiate between the offers to select the best one for our needs. The transaction went smoothly and all communications were clear and timely. I highly recommend Emon Komeily for your next Real Estate transaction.

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